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Monday, May 14, 2012

Why Lack of Free Will Proves the Existence of God

Free will is a difficult topic. There are three main opinions on the matter:

1) Free will exists as a separate entity to the brain - the soul. Only humans possess this and it is what separates them from animals.

2) Free will exists but is a part of the brain. Our actions are the result of decisions that we are making in some area of the brain.

3) Free will does not exist. Every decision we make, big or small, is the result of a combination of our inherited genetic code and external stimuli.

If the latter possibility is true, then we may assume that everything in inevitable, if people are only reacting as a result of the actions of others. Therefore, there is no such thing as probability, since everything can be predicted if we know the inputs. A dice roll, for example, can be predicted with 100% accuracy if one were to know the resistance of the air on the dice and the amount of energy put in. The amount of energy put in is not random either, as it can be predicted by the experiences and nature of the dice-roller. If things seem random on a quantum level that may only be because we do not understand all the input variables the determine an outcome on that scale.

But what about the nature of a person? Surely that is at least partially random? Well, no. If we were aware of the exact properties of each sperm cell and all the possible dangers it would face, then it would be easy enough to deduce the genes that would be present in a zygote. I say it would be easy, but that is only because of the nature of the being which knows all, the being which must have been present to initiate the birth of the universe. 

If one starts from the beginning - before the universe - there is nothing. Then, something happens. But how? Is it random? It can't be, probability does not exist. God must have created the universe and what He did to create it determined everything from its beginning to its end.

I am not saying that I believe this argument to be true, I merely found it superficially and partially convincing. It does not explain what separates us from animals, and there surely is something as JAFHR will attest.. I may speak more about the matter later, and how it links in to the Fall of Man and how we came to have free will. Until then, farewell.



  1. Hey! I'M the philosopher here!

  2. The idea of no free will is a disgusting result of ultra-materialism and I will not allow a post like that to go unchallenged. People had already gotten to the stage of no-probability-could-make the universe- read the Philosophical Summary, and see. I suppose I'll grab this opportunity to make some advertising- if you want to understand where I'm coming from in an argument, read that post!
    I was in fact intending to post something on materialism, but I'll say something right now: It may prove that God exists in that sense, but in another sense it makes no sense at all- if He controls us completely- by controlling the factors which add up to our decisions- then why aren't we all perfect? See the Philosophical Summary for more info/arguments.

    1. The only way that can be true is if he is not interested in humanity. Or maybe something went wrong.

      I did say I didn't believe it. Read more in my next philosophical post.