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Friday, August 3, 2012

Random Questions that I've never known the answer to...

Please, enlighten me if you can:

1-Why doesn't superglue stick to its casing?
2-Why is it pronounced lef-tenant?
3-Why does the police siren pitch change after it's passed you?
4-Why do Americans say they speak English when they clearly don't?
5-Which arm rest is yours in a movie theatre?
6-Why are there life jackets under aeroplane seats instead of parachutes?
7-How do you get rid of stain remover?
8-How do snowplough workers get into work in the morning?
9-Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?
10-How come thaw and unthaw mean the same things?
11-Why does 6 times 9 equal 42 and is there any truth behind 42?
12-Why don't you ever see baby pigeons?
13-Why do we have accents?
14-What happens to the others if a synchronised swimmer drowns?
15-What came first-orange or orange?
16-Why don't fish get stomach cramps after eating?
17-Why is he called Donkey Kong when he's not a real donkey?
18-What's the opposite of opposite?
19-(For JAFHR) In France, when you ask for toast, do you instantly get French toast?

And one last one that I'm dreading because JAFHR will be going on about it subsequently:

20-What happens when you die?

(There is also the question if God exists, but as we all know the realistic answer, there is no point in putting it in here.)

As always, JHWW-don't forget to comment

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