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Friday, August 3, 2012

Random Questions that I've never known the answer to...

Please, enlighten me if you can:

1-Why doesn't superglue stick to its casing?
2-Why is it pronounced lef-tenant?
3-Why does the police siren pitch change after it's passed you?
4-Why do Americans say they speak English when they clearly don't?
5-Which arm rest is yours in a movie theatre?
6-Why are there life jackets under aeroplane seats instead of parachutes?
7-How do you get rid of stain remover?
8-How do snowplough workers get into work in the morning?
9-Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?
10-How come thaw and unthaw mean the same things?
11-Why does 6 times 9 equal 42 and is there any truth behind 42?
12-Why don't you ever see baby pigeons?
13-Why do we have accents?
14-What happens to the others if a synchronised swimmer drowns?
15-What came first-orange or orange?
16-Why don't fish get stomach cramps after eating?
17-Why is he called Donkey Kong when he's not a real donkey?
18-What's the opposite of opposite?
19-(For JAFHR) In France, when you ask for toast, do you instantly get French toast?

And one last one that I'm dreading because JAFHR will be going on about it subsequently:

20-What happens when you die?

(There is also the question if God exists, but as we all know the realistic answer, there is no point in putting it in here.)

As always, JHWW-don't forget to comment

                                                              (My favourite cheese)


  1. I also forgot to mention that for the question "what came first the chicken or the egg," I think it's the egg.

  2. Q.1- Because superglue needs air to dry, and all the air is at the top of the casings, not the sides.
    Q.2- because Lieutenant is a Celtic word, and Celts are weird.
    Q.3- Because you've got an active imagination.
    Q.4- Because they're ashamed to admit their language is a step ahead of English on the road to corruption.
    Q.5- the one you're willing to fight for.
    Q.6- Because of logistics (life coats are cheaper).
    Q.7- You don't.
    Q.8- Like a normal person, their snowplough is waiting for them in the Garage of the company.
    Q.9- If they want to, it's a choice not a condition.
    Q.10- Now you're speaking Americanese. Unthaw is not English.
    Q.11- this is complex epistemology, but essentially mathematics are the way they are because logic is what it is. As for the Meaning of life, it has nothing numerical whatsoever.
    Q.12- Because they grow up so fast *cries*... nope, because they never leave the nest.
    Q.13- Being French I would know all about this. because our vocal cords are used to using different sounds- each area of the country evolving different accents according to the Immigrational / invasional history. After your twentieth year on earth your vocal cords are fixed into place and you can never lose an accent. This is a small part of the accents thing, I could write a lot more.
    Q.14- The race stops and the results are cancelled. Total chaos ensues, and a few week later the race is reopened. Just a guess.
    Q.15- The word orange appears for the first time in a text of Old English to describe a colour, whereas the fruit is mentioned for the first time in recorded Engish by Chaucer, some centuries later.
    Q.16- Possibly see my answer to Q.3?
    Q.17- Because a Japanese game- programmer could find no better way to make King Kong sound funny.
    Q.18- Same, similar...
    Q.19- Nope.
    Q.20- You'll never know, those who don't seek heaven will never find it.

    1. Q1: Fair enough
      Q2:mmm... not convinced
      Q3:It does happen-watch out
      Q4:Just me taking a swipe at Americans
      Q5:Best answer I've seen
      Q6:again, not convinced
      Q7:I only realised how stupid that sounded after I posted it
      Q8:You misunderstand me- they cannot drive to work because of the snow-geddit?
      Q9:Again you may misunderstand me-Since animal crackers aren't meat, are devout religion based vegetarians allowed to eat them
      Q10:Really just another swipe at Americans by me
      Q11:Again you misunderstand I need someone who's finished the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy trilogy, as I'm only half way and want to know the ending
      Q12:Fair enough
      Q13:Please don't
      Q14:Bit of a cheesy joke by me
      Q15:hmmm....I don't trust history so not convinved
      Q16:But why don't they?
      Q18:huh, suppose that makes sense
      Q19:Just like Americans call them English muffins, but we just say muffins (just wondering)
      Q20:Naturally I disagree, but I thought your response would be longer. It seems as though you may not even care...

    2. Well, have fun finding it all out for yourself. It's not that I don't care about the last one, quite the contrary, but I wanted to break free of the stereotypical me and give you something short and punchy.

    3. I JUST NOTICED THAT LAST POINT OF YOURS! As you well know, MS and I are having that debate at this moment and things are going rather worse for him than you'd think! He has so far repeated a point of his in uncertain terms, proved that he doesn't know the definition of supernatural, and generally stubbed his toe on my logic. You'll see later.

  3. 1: If by superglue you mean Araldite, then it needs to be mixed with the hardener section of the 2-part epoxy to cure.

    1. Also, for #3, I believe it is to do with the Doppler Effect. But if you ask that know-it-all Mr Google, I'm sure he'll come up with something!

    2. #3 could also be due to the fact that police cars change their siren type depending on traffic density.