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Saturday, June 16, 2012

From White Racism to Anti-White Racism- Part 1: Clarification

IMPORTANT: Before continuing, it is important to know that when I say that a certain race shows more dangerous racism, I do not want to generalize- I only mean that more members of a certain race are racist, but the vast majority of that race will still be peaceable people. I happen to have friends from all of the said races.
This is a criticism of one of the worst predicaments of the 21st century. I am talking of racism- how this civilization sees it, how they think to prevent it, and how they promote it. I will deal with this in four stages, spread across two posts:
  • In This Post:
  • I shall clarify the definition of racism.
  • Secondly, I shall demonstrate the various instances of racism in our society- and evaluate which racism is more potent/ dangerous.
  • In the Next Post:
  • I shall outline the present response to racism
  • I shall evaluate how reasonable the response can be termed, and establish the phrase 'Anti-racism'.
  • Finally (and this may take up an entire post) I shall state the reasons for this anti-racism.

If you abide with me without blindly shutting out arguments or failing to comment your [dis]agreements, I hope to change the way you think about racism.

So, what is racism? This, I feel, needs clearing up, as I have heard many garbled definitions. Indeed, many in our community (you included?) are in the sad delusion that racism is 'a white guy not being cool to a black guy'. Most dictionaries will give the definition:

racism or racialism  (ˈreɪsɪzəm, ˈreɪʃəˌlɪzəm)
— n
1. the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others
2. abusive or aggressive behaviour towards members of another race on the basis of such a belief.

Someone who is of a different race does not necessarily have different traits; people seem to think that aggressiveness towards foreigners is somehow more acceptable than aggressiveness towards a different colour of skin, yet I cannot think how the word 'frog' used towards a French person is anything other than racial discrimination to the same extent as 'nigger'. Thus, for this essay I shall redefine the term 'race' as a different culture.

The following will be classified as racist attitudes:
  • judging someone based on their homeland/race, using stereotypes e.g. He is Jewish-he is not to be trusted with money.
  • Alienating someone and excluding him/her on account of their racial traits.
  • Physical abuse towards a member of another race.
So far, so good... moving on;

Races in Our Society (a brief list):

  • White
  • (Jewish)
  • Indian (Pakistani included)
  • Arab
  • Black
  • Asian (Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Cambodian Peninsula)
  • (Native Americans? not mentioned here, but important in America.)
  • Different religions- play an important role in racism.

Various racisms present in our society: 
A Brief List

(Do note that 'our society' means Britain, with references to France.)
To record every single type of racism would be impossible, so here you will only find the most active/relevant in our society. White figures in most/all of these, since our civilization is white.
  • White hatred of Black- not uncommon, but heavily sanctioned, because of its long history and politicisation. physical demonstrations are now very rare, and this racism is more prominent in the form of snide remarks in certain classroom (i.e immature) environments, as well as excluding Black immigrants in certain rural areas, notably Lancashire and Alsace. Since this is the most drastically frowned-upon racism the offender rarely goes unpunished. Although in Britain this racism is almost dead, we are told that the southern states of the USA still harbour it, while it is physically active in South Africa.
  • Black hatred of White- Far more common than opposite; physical demonstrations are often reported in France and Britain (usually slums of big cities; 16 th Parisian district and Whitechapel, London are known to be susceptible). USA also has major problems. These physical demonstrations come in the form of roving bands, especially on big occasions such as New Year's Eve when police are occupied. These roving bands are usually associated with criminal activities and not racism, but occasionally, witnesses hear vague insults aimed at whites. These links show of these many incidents. In some areas, one sees a very definite correlation between the White-hatred-of Black and the Black-hatred-of-White; this particularly occurs in areas like Scandinavia, where the culture is a very traditional/religious one, and where immigration is less controlled. The immigrants here apparently attempt to impose their own culture, inciting the ire of the inhabitants. It would appear that Black-hatred-of-White passes with comparative impunity, as we commonly hear phrases such as 'All Whites are racist' and there is even a religion, Rastafarianism, which accuses the White race of just about every sin conceivable, while glorifying the Black race. Similar ideas can be found in some Islamic branches- but more on that later.

  • White hatred of Arab- Very common in France, where most of the immigration is Arabic, and Arabs are seen as stealing jobs. Another, far more common example of this racism in France is the stereotyped Arab- a hardened hoodlum and thief; this is not altogether unfounded (indeed many and most immigrants now conform to this stereotype quite happily), but it does make life a lot harder for those immigrants who choose to live honestly. In Britain, this type of racism is virtually unheard of, because of Britain's lack of communication with the Arabic counties. It is also needless to say that an Arab is the embodiment of Islam, and so incites much suspicion (especially from rural areas, where strangers are always shunned, even if they come from the nearest town).
  • Arab hatred of White- This is, quite frankly, the type of racism that incites its opposite. A lot of modern Rapping (that is to say, street music) bears racist slander, and both Black and Arab races monopolise the violent aggression contained therein. I shall include but a smattering of these, both from Britain and translated from France:
Swing by on the pale guy. . . . break him in the neck. . . . the guerrilla with the poison tip. . . . shaking pinky up on a dull-ass ice-pick . . . this is Lench Mob. . . . devil, what you want to do; when you see the boot, knew your head is hoohoo...

That’s what I wanna be 
All over the white world 
Yes they’ll remember me 
Don’t look at me as an innocent bystander 
Because I’ll scare you after dark ... 

As We Move across to France, it gets a lot harsher...

And if my hatred decreases
It's cause the Whites are all dead...

"Bang! In your teeth / I'm talking to you white boy / I f**k your government / Tell me / 'Why so much hate?" / With dirty breath...

Go ahead, release the pitts, break the windows,
Don't care, it's the cops there anyway,This is U.N.I.T.Y., nigga, rebeu, babtou, Tway  
 [nicknames for various races in France]
But if we want to control Paris, you know it will be all together 
Here it is the pitts are dropped,
cities are crap, the windows are broken,
The cops are lynched, well, it relieves,
Paris must [some very rude word for burning, with no equivalent in English]
Tonight Le Pen to death, We restart the guillotine, worst than in Djibouti...

Well, I think that more or less proves my point concerning rap. In France (and England to a lesser extent) the immigrants are mostly nationalistic/ psycho-religious and from underdeveloped countries and backgrounds; although not all branches of Islam sport psycho-religious tendencies, the ones most common in France are solely based on brainwashing and blind hatred. Thus it is understandable that Arabic immigrants are seen suspiciously in France, considering the fact that the immigrants are often inherently anti-white, and- in the case of the youths- the epitome of anarchy, violence and lack of self-control.
  • White hatred of Asian- Not a threat at all, either in Britain or France. Asians are usually well-integrated, and the only complaints heard about them is the fact that they are stealing jobs, or maths awards. Anti-Asian remarks can of course be heard in immature environments, but this is by no means serious.
  • Asian hatred of White- Similarly, no threat at all. Asian immigrants are the most integrated, and the only racism heard from them is internal (i.e Japanese vs Chinese).

  • White hatred of Indian- Here it is crucial to separate the Indians (who are just as integrated as the Asians) from the Pakistani, who, in Britain, are almost the equivalent of the Arabs in France. Thus we constantly have complaints of 'Pakis' stealing all the jobs, and throwing a slow monopoly over everything- for instance, one taxi-driver complained that the East-end accent had changed from Cockney to Pakistani. There is little or no anti-Pakistani violence recorded.
  • Indian hatred of White- Again, no problem posed by the Indians. The Pakistani, however, compose the main roving bands in the slums of London; certainly. these are far more controlled and minor than in France, but doubts are cast as to whether this would be continuous after a year or so of socialist rule. Otherwise, the verbal abuse directed by Pakistani at whites is enough to contend with the rap I have published above.
So what conclusions can be pulled from this? It would appear that, although the White race has the longest history and the biggest reputation for racism, White racism is no longer an issue (little or no violence recorded in the past 50 years) in MEDCs- with a few exceptions, which are being pressurized into non existence- for example, the mass murderer Andres Breivik's case is being taken so seriously by the Norwegian government that they have built a new court, just for his court-case (which is doomed for him anyway).
While White racism is in a terminal state, anti-white racism is radically increasing with the number of immigrants. It would seem (and I am not trying to insult anyone but merely making a factual observation) that most violent racism comes from Muslim countries. This may simply come from their underdevelopment (but that excuse is pretty short-lived when one looks at India- still an LEDC, but remarkably behaved- or the sudden advance of Arabia in terms of economy). Or perhaps, for some reason, the psychotic Muslims are the ones who choose to immigrate? Unlikely, but possible...
Whatever the case, we can now set up this chain of dangerous racism:

  1. Arab     )
  2. Pakistani)all three types of racism are quite close
  3. Black    ) 
  4. White (far behind, though only recently achieved this)
  5. Asian & Indian
For a lengthy analysis of our society's response towards racism, please read my next post.
Yours in sociology-


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I know, my apologies, I clicked on the wrong post to comment on. It was supposed to be aimed at philosophy. (So JAFHR, check your posts on philosophy.
      Similarly, I can't be racist if I'm racially abused against

    2. JHWW, I have looked at a history of our comments and it's outrageous. You went on every post that I've ever written, and posted something against Philosophy, without bothering to read the post, without even considering that you may be wrong, and without even checking that it's about philosophy! This is utterly sad, not just from my point of view but from the generally accepted definition of 'sad'; you have nothing better to do than bother other people with your blind opinions and your general anti-others. I hereby declare that any more comments will be deleted, and will circulate a petition to make you move to your own blog.

    3. Never, ever use the word 'sad'. It could so, so easily be turned against you (not by me though - I'm sensible).

  2. Seriously though, I appreciate what your saying but the reasons for all this ill-feeling are not fundamentally racial, I believe. It's more to do with socio-economic factors such as income. In Britain, at least, a lack of social mobility is almost entirely responsible for all the problems that might otherwise be labeled racist. Of course, I can't speak for France.

    1. For eastern Europeans this may hold true, but for Arabs/Pakistani/Black it is an entirely different matter. Most anti-Polish feeling is based on job-stealing, and this is not the only thing which people have against other races. they don't like people who look different.

  3. 'they say when there are no more white people, they'll be peace on earth, because the world is racist'
    I saw this comment on a YouTube video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCdBrAalghY&feature=related - I'm not sure it's genuine, but it perfectly illustrates what you're against.