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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Looking Back Forwards and Sideways

It has occurred to me that we've never adequately explained why there have been no posts on this blog for quite a while, despite having such a large number of people writing for it. In the past this has been attributed to exams which affect us all at the same time but this was never really the reason (I certainly found time to do plenty of other things in the weeks before exams, but perhaps I shouldn't have). Instead it is due to the structure of the blog itself lacking any purpose. We have no target audience, nor a central theme. Perhaps this shouldn't matter but without purpose there is no motivation for any of us to write anything on a regular basis. So will we ever return to the days when each person would write two posts a month? No, almost certainly not. Those were the halcyon days when  GCSEs were a faint bogeyman, not worth concerning oneself with at all and probably not particularly challenging. Naturally, our outlook has changed as these exams have come ever closer.

I do doubt also whether it is a good idea to have a general blog shared between a large number of people. In fact I'm sure it isn't. Sharing a blog is fine if its on a certain subject (like cooking or reviewing things) and having a blog with no particular subject is fine is its written by one person. Both can have some kind of focus; having neither a topic nor consistent author damns this blog always to have a limited quality and limited audience.

The bottom line is we might post things from time to time if we ever have the urge to write an essay or treatise on something but this place will never be quite as lively as it once was.

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  1. Fat chance. When I have the urge to write something the last thing I want is to have it paraded here.