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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Sense of a Beginning

Alright, I've been thinking. And I've realized that the majority of good  reviews content is biased in some way, that is, based on opinion and making no attempt to provide anything a level playing field. Is this necessarily a bad thing? No, after all, the web is all about expressing opinions freely and in theory one needs only one unbiased reviews website to serve the entire internet. But the trouble with that is, if it shows any kind of bias then it gets yelled off the web. So don't say that this is biased, because that's the idea.

Now then, there are three problems with the name of my blog. The first is with the word 'the'. 'The' is what's called the definite article, implying that this is the only place on the entire internet which is opinionated, while obviously it is not. Secondly, 'opinionated' isn't really the best way to describe this blog, as sometimes I will attempt to be unbiased. Thirdly, and most pedantically, the word 'internet' should not be used to describe the web because they are not the same thing ('internet' means the hardware (all the wires and such), while 'web' refers to the information stored and transferred on it - I'm sure there are better definitions but that's my understanding). Therefore, a much better title would be: 'A Biased Web', but that sounds ghastly so I 

Now some people who will not enjoy this blog:

1) Idiots (you won't understand what I'm saying).

2) People without internet connections (now that I've ruled out the first category, need I explain it?).

3) Geniuses (you'll find me patronizing and annoying).

After all, something showing bias cannot be for everyone by definition. I ought to explain what I'll be writing, so here are some of the titles you might see in capitals in front of posts:

INTRODUCTION - I might post some more introductions to explain some other details about the blog and all.

ANNOUNCEMENT - If something interesting happens, such as a new author joining the blog, then I'll post one of these.

OPINION - Probably making up the bulk of posts, opinion posts consist of my (or another author's) opinion on a certain subject.

REVIEW - Speaks for itself really, although if you looking for balanced, fair reviews you might want to look elsewhere

INTERVIEW - If we manage to get someone famous or noteworthy to agree, we might interview them and post it onto the blog, but this will be quite rare.

ARGUMENT - A transcript of an argument between me or one of the other authors with someone else about a subject on which they disagree.

INFORMATION - A rather stale and dull look at some piece of information, such as a list of admins, authors

And some you'll only see in front of my posts:

iFAQ - inFrequently Asked Questions, because let's be honest, the majority of 'frequently asked questions' never get asked.

Also note that every article I will post a different picture of a trilby hat, in the same way that JAFHR will post a picture of a god from ancient mythology.

I may add to this introduction later, or post further ones with additional information.


  1. 1) You shouldn't say "my" blog, as there is JHWW, JAFHR and iTech.
    2) No the name is not great. I'd seriously think of making a new name
    3)How can you say that people are idiots if they can't understand this. If everyone can't understand this, then maybe it is just you that is the idiot.
    4) I think the plural of genius is genii.
    5) What is this obsession with mythology and philosophy doing in the blog. I thought it was a look at the web, and interesting stuff

  2. SHUT UP, Boy. who said anything about mythology and philosophy? You've blown your cover, JHWW- only those who know me can coin the phrase "obsession with mythology". You're not supposed to criticise your own blog.